Ensure Uninterrupted and secure software updates


Patch management is the practice of identifying, deploying, acquiring and verifying software updates for network devices. With every patch released, malicious threat actors take note of it and seek out the organizations that are slow in updating their systems. Without patch management, a critical flaw in code can disable the system functionality and open the door to hackers.

Patch management software helps organizations manage patches for a network of devices. Patch management solutions and strategies help distribute and apply updates to an organization’s software inventory. This includes updates for application code, operating systems, and embedded systems, including servers.

Patch Management Features

  • Automated Patch Deployment Systems for testing, receiving, distributing, and logging of patches
  • Cloud functionality for patching of software-based in cloud environments
  • Unified Cross-platform compatibility for managing patches on all endpoints
  • Third-Party application patching support 
  • Flexible patch deployment policies for efficient patching 
  • Pre-test and approve patches ensuring hassle-free deployment 
  • Decline sensitive patches according to your enterprise needs
  • Ensure patch compliance across all endpoint
  • Insightful patch management reports tracking every step of the patching process
  • Prioritization of updates for network service and security
  • Remote patch management and remote workers

Adit Microsys offers Patch Management Solutions compatible with all the OS including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Reach out to the experts at Adit Microsys to explore the best suitable Patch Management system for flawless and secure software update management for your business.