“Exposure and Reach”
are one of the most crucial parts of the Start-up upscaling.

Getting visibility in the virtual world can act as an easy and impressive introduction to a new business. It can also increase the scope of market acceptance.

Our team of experienced experts is enthusiastic and committed to working with the start-ups, understanding their technical aspects and the importance of going virtual in consideration of market intelligence. We ensure the pro-active approach in working out the best technology solution that can add value in upscaling the concept of the start-up in a virtual market with the most competitive aspect.

We work as the technology partner to a range of start-ups in the need of a smart technology interface that is compatible with the most upgraded technology and design trends. Our technical team has expertise in the development of e-commerce portals and all types of end-to-end customized technology interfaces.

We also welcome the early-stage companies to build minimum viable products (MVP) and jump-start the iteration process.


Petzzco is the application for the pet lovers and service providers. Pet lovers can meet other pet lovers and can develop the different communities and circle. Service providers can increase their business by giving services like pet grooming, pet boarding, pet walking ,and many more. Users can also post their pet moments and pictures on petzzco social to gain likes and comments. However, this application is become a entire pet world solution and community for pet owners.


  • Upload photos, videos in posts and stories to share your pet moment
  • Services like pet grooming, pet boarding, pet walking, pet dating, pet adoption, SOS and Vet clinics
  • Pet health and pet schedule manager
  • Appointments and calendar schedules
  • Pet name generator based on categories, gender, alphabet, etc.
  • Add family member and get entire pet details
  • Documents and prescriptions storage
  • Build community and Page based on different topics or groups
  • Chat with your followers and share attachments, emoji, GIFs, media and stickers

Technologies we are working with


LaraveL & codeigniter


Mysql & mongoDB



Tathastu Temples

At Tathastu, we look forward to providing the customers a customized platform that has all traditional and spiritual in a hassle-free environment with a Mission to fulfil their religious needs with utmost satisfaction.

Our Vision is to be the largest one-stop platform on the Internet for spiritual & religious needs by connecting to all the religious places/Temples across India and globally. We are here to provide customers with various services that include Temple Live Darshan and Temple prasad, a platform to offer Daan, Pooja and Yajna.