Save Cost and Enhance IT agility, flexibility,
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Adit Microsys offers the most comprehensive desktop virtualization solutions that offer secure access to all the apps and data that users need access from any location or any device. Using Virtualization organizations can achieve greater workload mobility, availability of resources, increased performance, and automated operations in less costly to own and simple to operate and manage at the same time.

Adit Microsys offers the Data Center Virtualization Solution, Desktop Virtualization Solution, Server Virtualization Management & Solution, and Network and Security Virtualization management & solution from the global and trusted brands.

How the Virtualization technology works ?

Virtualization is a key element of digital workspaces that depends upon application virtualization. Virtualization technology lets users simulate the device load to access the device from a connected desktop. It separates the desktop environment and its application from physical device access.

Key Features of Virtual Machines

  • Partitioning runs multiple OS on a single physical machine and also divides system resources between virtual machines
  • Isolation ensures security and fault isolation of hardware and preserves the performance using advanced resource control
  • Encapsulation saves the entire state of a virtual machine to files like mover and copies virtual machines simply as moving or copying files
  • Hardware Independence provisions or migrate any virtual machine to any physical server.

Why Virtualization with Adit Microsys?


Experts Advice

We understand how important it is to select the right technology partner to go virtual with all safety and excellence for flawless performance. Our team of experts helps you get the right product for your challenge area to adopting virtualization.


One-stop Solution

We are a one-stop solution provider for your Data-Centre requirements offering the best of the range in a package solution.



Our team of expert professionals is the best advisor to guide you for your Data-centre need for a server with a minimal, cost-effective yet smart approach.



We provide accountable and optimistic pre and post-sales customer service to our clients with unique solutions and a quality approach.



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We are a trusted partner with many global brands and we deliver highly reliable and genuine products that provide a premium value to our customers.