Are you worried about insider threats
with common administrator accounts in your organization?

Not sure about the various types of privileged accounts, want to improve system administration/governance?

Privilege access management is the #1 cyber security priority for the business. ‘Privileged access’ encompasses access to critical systems - computers, software applications, networks and network devices, and other digital assets. Privileged access management (PAM) is, thus, the combination of technology and tools used to control, monitor, and secure access to an organization’s critical resources and information.


As per the survey, a standard data breach can cost an organization an average of USD 3.92 million. Prioritizing privileged credential security ensures that operations of the organization will not be interrupted by a breach, hence creating a formidable competitive advantage over their peers in time and costs.

Privilege Access Management (PAM) solutions vary in their design. At Adit, we offer PAM solutions covering the following security measures components.

Manage all vendor access from a single portal

Vendor Privileged Access Management (VPAM) helps your business maintain visibility over your third parties and their superior user accounts to ensure that their access level isn’t misused or abused. This enables you to keep track of all the changes, updates, and modifications being made to vendor accounts. Moreover, it helps you limit each vendor’s permissions, limiting the damage their credentials could do in the wrong hands.

Manages all employee access from a single portal

The Access Manager helps security teams to manage all employee access on a single portal, from which: - Privileged users can request access, and - Administrators can disable a privileged user’s access.

Monitors all privileged user actions in real-time

The Session Manager provides real-time monitoring of select users to prevent and detect suspicious activity. It not only tracks but also creates an audit trail of actions taken during a special account session.

Protects passwords and enforces password policies

The Password Manager helps with enforcing passwords and controlling passwords policies. This allows regular revocation and rotation of passwords while maintaining them in an encrypted and centralized vault.


Why do organizations need PAM Security?


Very Powerful security solution

PAM is a compelling security solution that can be utilized for IT network inventory scanning, identity governance, and improving insights into vulnerability assessments, among other things. This feature of cyber security serves as a hinder to many cybercriminals.


Ensures Quick recovery from cyber-attacks

A Privilege Access Management (PAM) solution enables you to quickly audit privileged accounts that have been used recently, determine which applications have been executed, and identify passwords that have been changed.


Expedite the process of compliances

With the help of strong security control recommendations, PAM develops a good baseline of policies that can help expedite your compliance standards to align with industry and government regulations.


It saves money and time.

Cyber security solutions add no value to the business other than reducing risk. However, installing the right PAM solution can increase productivity by offering employees access to systems and applications more securely and quickly. This enables CISOs to get more output with the same budget.