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Infrastructure Management Solutions keeps your Business IT Operations healthy and available all the time. There is an ever-increasing need for enterprise systems which are easy and intuitive as other consumer applications such as e-commerce or social media. Along with the recurring challenges of end point compliance and security. To deliver on all these parameters, you need to add agility and intelligence to your IT operations.

Business Benefits of Asset Management and Helpdesk Solutions

  • Improved customer-facing IT service support and delivery to the UBC user community and establishes metrics on the effectiveness of the delivered service processes
  • Integrated workflow across IT and non-IT Service providers for business continuity
  • The help desk brings a 100% visibility and improves performance of your service delivery through SLA measurements, compliance and escalations also Traceability of incidents and problems from initiation to resolution. The inbuilt analytics and insights drawn from custom dashboards and reports helps CxO’s make well informed decisions.
  • Our automated solution ensures that the asset data flows seamlessly between your Financial to Operations systems and vice versa. It is a single platform to manage every type of organizational asset – IT, to non-It, physical to virtual, hardware to software, contracts to entitlements. The data is directly read from the devices and correlates with the static data and this is dynamically updated through the asset lifecycle.
  • Our integrated systems and automatic reconciliation safeguards the integrity of your valuable asset data. The inbuilt analytics helps you with deep insights to improve asset utilization, optimize spend and improve your TCO.

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