What can Field Sales Management (FSM) do for you?

Manufacturers and distributors who sell their products across the country with the help of distributors and
dealers have a great need to manage their field sales operations.

Adit Microsys helps you meet this challenge with a Field Sales Management (FSM) application. FSM is pre-dominantly a mobile app to help organizations manage sales operations while on the move. FSM can help manage primary, secondary and tertiary sales and can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Set up Organizational Hierarchy

  • Create company, Sales Offices, Regions, Zones
  • Create Product Groups
  • Create users and map people hierarchy
  • Assign User Roles for selective access to app features
  • Create database of customers

Plan and Manage

  • Enter monthly sales plan
  • Sales officer can set target for each sales person for each product group
  • Sales person will create Compulsory Journey Plan (CJP) and get approval from reporting manager
  • Sales persons can enter information on orders received and collections
  • Proforma invoices generated based on sales orders to help back-office team in accounting
  • Tracking Sales personnel through google map; take random selfie for location spot confirmation
  • Punch In / Out functionality to track log of working hours
  • Manage leads, follow ups, meetings


  • Monthly Plan versus actual Achievements
  • Business Expansion / Penetration reports based on Compulsory Journey Plan (CJP)
  • Productive / Non-productive calls report
  • 50+ reports

Ease Administrative Tasks

  • Manage travel allowances, daily allowances and daily expenses based on company policies
  • Manage employee leave as per company policy
  • Manage Reminders and Notifications
  • Manage Tax policy

Field Sales Management (FSM). Go Digital. Manage Sales Efficiently.

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