Ensure you apply the Intelligent Threat Detection System before it's too late


Prevent your Data Center from outside threats as attacks are becoming increasingly targeted, persistent, and stealthy. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions ensure a proactive approach to security by identifying and eliminating advanced threats before data is compromised. The ATP System acts with three primary actions for threat protection: early detection, adequate protection, and response to eliminate suspicious activities.

Adit Microsys offers a range of most reliable ATP solutions to protect your data center 24x7.

Key Features of ATP Solutions


Safe Links

It automatically scans the URLs (website addresses) present in the incoming emails or Office documents known as time-of-click verification. ATP Safe Links identifies malicious URLs and shows a warning page to the user.


Safe Attachments

It ensures that incoming email attachments are not malicious. This feature automatically opens the attachments in a virtual environment without disturbing the real-time environment and removes attachments automatically if it finds any malicious indications


Spoof Intelligence

It ensures that only legitimate emails are assigned by filtering and setting in the Security & Compliance Center to differentiate between legitimate and malicious activity. It allows review of the senders spoofing your domain with options for granting permission or blocking them.


Anti-Phishing Policies

It allows setting policies on a single domain, all domains, or specific people based on impersonation detection algorithms and machine learning models. Machine learning models appraise the incoming email to decide whether it is malicious and respond according to the configuration of your ATP policy.