HappServe is a comprehensive Service Management solution for companies to manage after sales service requirements of its customers.

HappServe helps streamline and automate every process from initial customer request to resolution to billing.

HappServe is flexible. It may be used by a company which has each product identified through a unique serial number (electronics, consumer durables, electrical goods, sanitary items and many such industries); or by a public services organization which sells no products but consumers or citizens can log complaints about services.

Call Management
Call Center
KPI mapping & Executive Dashboard
Repair Management
Inventory & Logistics
Feedback Survey
Product Registration


Built in validations (product serial no.) improve accuracy of the claims information.
Pre-approval of claims helps Fraud detection and prevention. Speeds problem discovery and problem resolution.


Links all the warranty processes for a seamless flow of electronic claims data and related warranty information. It provides a consistent interface and integrated processes to create a consolidated database. XML compliant makes integration with ERP, SCM, CRM, Accounts possible.


Provides a role-based portal to all your critical warranty information and allows you to track claim status and provides In-Line Analytics and decision support. Claim status checked at every stage of warranty life cycle. Provides alerts / escalations based on pre-defined parameters.


User interface is designed to allow quick access to most used features provides a consistent navigation. Complex tasks like rules administration and bulk processing are simplified.

All the features of HappServe are available through a web interface.
In addition, HappServe provides a mobile application (iOS and Android) to:

  • Provide the ability to reach out to the right ASPs for the product call registrations and resolutions
  • Enable ASP engineers and officials with the ease of managing calls with visibility to complaints assigned to them along with placing required PCR, DOR requests, special approvals on real-time basis
  • Give clear view to management through a real time dashboard to track service delivery

HappServe. Grow Customer Happiness by giving them a great services experience.

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