HappServe - Citizen Support / Service System


Urban Local Bodies (ULB - Municipal Corporation / Municipalities / Nagar Palika) strive to continually improve basic civic services such as health, infrastructure, water supply, sanitation besides a host of other services to its citizens.

In an increasingly digital society, the communication between citizen and the ULB must necessarily shift from the once physical process to an online process. Citizens expect prompt resolution of services and almost no one has the time or patience to visit a corporation office and submit complaints on paper and wait for resolution. HappServe from Adit Microsys is a Citizen Support / Service System.

  • Complaint Management
  • Dustbin Inspection
  • Road Inspection
  • Public Toilet Inspection
  • m-Challan
  • GPS Based Attendance
  • WhatsApp BOT for Citizen

Towards an aim of serving the citizens and fulfilling ‘citizen charter’, it is pertinent to have a single network and a consistent approach of registering citizen complaints on all services spread across the entire ULB geography. The system shall offer a true picture of citizen grievances and assist the decision makers to take intelligent and informed decisions to deliver quick and efficient services to the citizens within guaranteed time frames. A modern, digital system to effectively handle citizen grievances would lead to more effective administration and higher citizen satisfaction.

For system to work proactively to deliver service excellence based on participatory and smart approaches, following processes are important to be woven together to ensure desired outcomes:

  • Communication channels to all
  • Connect all actors in real-time to service requests
  • Communicate while in process with the citizens
  • Decipher intelligence from the collected service requests to understand intervention and policy decision needs
  • Create a feedback loop to continuously look at improvement and efficiency requirements

HappServe allows ULB to enhance citizen satisfaction through comprehensive service management, efficient service delivery with minimum costs. It is a dedicated call center where the citizen can log a complaint from landline or mobile and respective officers become responsible for complaint resolution.

HappServe automates entire complaint process right from registration to closure and enforces service level policies to ensure the complaint gets attended within desired timeline or gets escalated to higher authorities for their attention and intervention.

HappServe offers multiple options to register a complaint: call-center desk, walk-in at respective offices, SMS & E-Mail, Web App, Mobile App, IVR, WhatsApp bot, Social Media and Call back service.

Further, a time bound call center is also in place to support and manage inbound and outbound calls to and from Citizens. All complaints are allocated, routed, and managed through an automated algorithm which is designed to identify actual resource within the corporation to manage the complaint and thus removing human interface to work assignment. Further, the concerned higher authorities within respective areas are empowered with real-time mobile Apps and web Apps to monitor the complaint resolution process and are provided capability to intervene if necessary, to help them in decision making process and take needful corrective actions. The system also automates enforcement of SLA policies and streamlines and automates every process from initial citizen request to resolution, more efficiently and cost effectively.

Complaint Management

HappServe supports entire process from registration, to allocation to resolution.

Complaint Registration

Supports multi point (call-center desk, walk-in at respective offices, online through web portal, WhatsApp bot, Mobile App, SMS & E-Mail, Call Center (Missed Call, IVR & Call back service) complaint registration. Citizen can register multiple complains in one go with ease as citizen can register complaint for multiple problems for different locations in a single call.

Complaint Allocation

Registered complaints get allocated to concerned department officer automatically based on the scientific algorithm engine built into the system and allocation matrix defined – No manual intervention and hence errorless operation. The system automatically sends an SMS to department officer alerting him / her on the complaint. It helps the ULB officer to act on the complaint from anywhere.

Allocated complaint can be easily reallocated to another Officer of same branch or another branch.

Complaint Resolution

The department officer needs to resolve a complaint within a specified SLA period. Visit wise details of work done on field are filled in by field supervisors in Field Call Report (FCR). This enables the system to keep track of the visit wise / date wise work done on site and maintain history.

Citizen Feedback

Call center captures customer feedback on the services rendered by calling the complainant. This "Happy Calling" helps in evaluating standard of the service.

Citizen has option on website to voluntarily provide their feedback on the complaint redressal process and to comment on the satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the system.

Complaint Re-Open

The citizen can re-open the complaint by calling call center, if not satisfied. Re-opened complaints are escalated to higher authorities.




Allocation & Escalation Matrix, SLA

HappServe provides facility to setup allocation matrix for ULB’s employees in resolving the various categories of problems for the area for which he / she is responsible. This setup helps the automatic complaint allocation to the employees. ULBs can setup escalation matrix for department at the various levels and define mode of escalation communication for each of these levels and their frequency.

The system automatically escalates the complaints based on SLA, escalation matrix, and the frequency defined. It has facility to define standard SLA hours for each problem defined in the system.

HappServe is a Comprehensive Service Delivery Framework:

  • Easily accessible by multiple modes
  • Responsive to citizen’s needs and efficient feedback mechanism
  • Enables quick decision capability
  • Connects all stakeholders with right kind of information in the quickest possible timeline
  • Allows all stakeholders clear visibility and communication
  • Efficient and round the clock system availability
  • Helps in providing efficient service to the citizens by employing latest in-time communication delivery framework
  • Streamlines and automates every complaint resolution process
  • Removes human element to work assignment by automating job allocation process
  • Automates enforcement of SLA policies, escalates to next level
  • Enables Management to have access to service data anytime, anywhere for quick reviews
  • Enables Alert delivery within the organization using internet-based system and mobile data delivery
  • Enables analytical dashboards to increase decision point and decrease time to action
  • Enables all stakeholders to have closed loop feedback system


  • Enhance citizen experience – register and check complaint status through phone, online and in person
  • Time-bound: each complaint will be treated within the stipulated time
  • Ward visits eliminated: save time and money
  • Citizens can get in touch with the call center by dialing a toll-free number right from their home
  • The acknowledgement for the complaints will be given to the citizens through SMS, e-mail, or a printed receipt from the ward
  • Citizens can view all the complaints raised by them
  • Provide feedback / suggestions, thereby contributing to improvement in services.
  • No endless waiting when citizen calls – feature incorporated to inform approximate wait time on IVR
  • If the citizens are not willing to wait due to time constraint, they can opt for a call back.
  • Multiple issues can be raised in a single complaint which will heighten citizens' experience.

Dustbin Inspection

Dustbin Information Database:

Maintain a comprehensive database of public dustbins, including their locations, sizes, types, and maintenance schedules.Allow for easy search and retrieval of dustbin information within the mobile app.

Inspection Assignments:

Allow supervisors or administrators to assign dustbin inspection tasks to specific personnel through the mobile app.

Provide details of the inspection, including the dustbin location, date, checklist, and required documentation

Road Inspection

Road Information Database:

Allow supervisors or administrators to assign inspection tasks to specific staff members through the mobile app.

Provide details of the inspection, including location, date, checklist, and required documentation.

Inspection Assignments:

Allow supervisors or administrators to assign dustbin inspection tasks to specific personnel through the mobile app.

Provide details of the inspection, including the dustbin location, date, checklist, and required documentation.

Public Toilet Inspection

Toilet Information Database:

Maintain a comprehensive database of public toilets, including their locations, facilities, maintenance schedules, and responsible personnel.

Allow for easy search and retrieval of toilet information within the mobile app.

Inspection Assignments:

Allow supervisors or administrators to assign toilet inspection tasks to specific personnel through the mobile app.

Provide details of the inspection, including the toilet location, date, checklist, and required documentation.


Violation Detection:

Utilize relevant technology such as GPS, image recognition, or sensors to detect violations or offenses (e.g., illegal parking, littering, unauthorized constructions) by capturing images, videos, or other evidence.

Integrate with existing systems or databases to cross-reference violators' information if available.

Issuance of Challans:

Allow enforcement officers to issue digital challans to violators directly from the mobile app.

Provide options to select the violation type, record details, attach evidence, and specify the penalty amount.

Digital Payment Integration:

Integrate online payment gateways or mobile payment platforms to facilitate the digital payment of fines by violators.

Support various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or net banking

GPS Based Attendance

Users are presented with an attendance dashboard that provides an overview of their attendance data. The dashboard may include statistics such as the total number of classes or workdays, the number of days attended, and the percentage of attendance.

The application displays a calendar or a list of dates, indicating the user's attendance status for each day. Common representations include symbols or colors to differentiate between present, absent, or other attendance statuses.



WhatsApp BOT for Citizen

  • Register Complaint
  • My Complaint Status
  • Re - Open My Complaint
  • Quick Complaint
  • Property Tax

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