An interface protecting your data center from outside threats


Web Gateways Security Solution also known as Web-Proxy plays a crucial role in data-center security as it acts as a gateway between requested and received data by users, rather than direct access between clients and the website. Proxies are capable of hiding the web request given by the client as well as facilitating users by blocking unwanted data from the webserver. It ensures confidential web access along with data processing.

Adit Microsys offers a range of Web Proxy Solutions suitable for every organization’s needs based on their type of business operations and probable threat levels such as Transparent Proxies, Anonymous Proxies, High Anonymity Proxies, Distorting Proxies, Data Centre Proxies, Public pr Private Proxies, SSL Proxies, Reverse Proxies, etc.

Key Features of Web-Proxy Solutions

  • Caching website traffic with the aim of performance improvement
  • Restricting the web access of different sites based on the security policy.
  • Inspecting application-layer traffic to restrict the malicious intent.