Customer Loyalty Program thru’ Reward Points

Business Challenge: Your brand is one of the many brands that end-user (customer or the influencer) can choose to buy.

A typical supply chain has many stages and numerous products at each stage. As a brand owner, how do you compete and ensure that your product is chosen when end user has choice of buying from many brands offering similar functionality and price? A Customer Loyalty Program is one mechanism to meet this challenge.

Case Study

Our customer is in the business of manufacturing different kind of adhesives - Synthetic Binders, Synthetic Rubber Adhesives, Synthetic Resin Adhesives, Natural Rubber Adhesives, Footwear Adhesives and such. The adhesives are used by carpenters while they make furniture for home and office usage. The carpenters are either asked to buy adhesives (along with other items) or are asked to provide a list of items required, which the end customer may procure. In either case, carpenter’s decision becomes largely influential.

Carpenters have a choice of buying from a plethora of adhesive brands. To incentivise carpenters who opt for our customer’s adhesives brand, a “Reward Points” system is to be introduced.


Manage Users

Manage Notification

Redeem Points

Key Features

  • Two-way registration will be done. First through mobile number and second by filling personal details. No login will be required for second time, because data will be fetched from IMEI number
  • Manage Users & Roles based on user type
  • Each product has reward points pre-assigned and each pack carries a unique bar code
  • Rewards point will be generated after scanning of products using barcode. Reward points are based on different criteria and may vary by state
  • Carpenter can redeem points for gifts or money (Bank Transfer). Validity period will be applicable to earn and redeem rewards points
  • Manage notification, alerts and Carpenter Reward Points Ledger & other transaction reports

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