Keep a track over multiple devices in use within organization


Mobile Device Management (MDM) software enables you efficiently manage multiple devices enhancing corporate data security by monitoring, managing, and securing the mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets that are used in the enterprise.

Adit Microsys offers range of Mobile device management solutions that ensures that the corporate network is secure by allowing IT and admins teams to control and distribute security policies to the mobile devices accessing sensitive corporate data in their organizations. 

Key features of MDM Solution

  • Location Services lets you track the current location of all online devices and also report offline devices with their last known location until they reconnect 
  • communicates directly with distributed locations to receive data and app transfers in place of each individual Android device
  • User Permissions allows you to dictate which divisions in your organization have permissions (read, read/write) to users, custom data, and custom attributes.
  • Rapid Deployment and Provision of devices remotely using profiles and packages based on user role or geographic location. 
  • Application Management tightens integration with Apple VPP, and Google Play ensures the delivery of the applications to the employees and devices – quickly, securely, and silently. IT staff use a list to control what corporate apps are available.
  • Content Management Surf secures corporate files and web content.  

Connect with Adit Microsys Experts to find out the best Mobile Device Management solution suitable for your business that can help you keep track of multiple devices in use with stronger security.