Security Information And Event Management Solutions


Every organization has a multitude of network devices that work together to facilitate everyday business operations. For an attacker, all it takes is one security loophole in any of these endpoints to bring business operations to a halt. With so many devices operating simultaneously, it is difficult to figure out exactly where you are vulnerable. These devices do generate security data for every event, but the sheer volume of data makes it difficult to focus on the key indicators of an attack.

A SIEM solution protects your enterprise network from cyberattacks and insider threats. It collects and analyzes the security data generated by your devices in real time, alerting you in time about vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise, or any suspicious activity.

  • Log360 : Equip your SOC with deeper visibility into security events, accelerate threat detection and response, enhance your network security posture, and ensure compliance.
  • EventLog Analyzer: Get better visibility and secure your network from attacks by collecting, analyzing, correlating, and archiving log data from servers, firewalls, applications, and endpoints
  • Firewall Analyzer: Get the most out of your network security infrastructure by managing and optimizing firewall rules, monitoring configuration changes, maintaining compliance, and analyzing firewall logs
  • Cloud Security Plus: Spot and neutralize threats across AWS, Azure, GCP, and other IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS solutions. Audit user access to cloud data and resources to stop unauthorized sharing of sensitive data and abuse of critical cloud devices
  • M365 Security Plus: Detect cyberattacks and analyze security risks in your cloud infrastructure. Fortify Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype for Business, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services