Ensure the Consistency in the Work Environment
Protect the Business Network from Inside Out

Organizations rely on networks, making the business accessibility possible on-site and remote for uninterrupted business continuity. Thus, it is crucial to ensure continuous network uptime with good health for ongoing business operations. Network Monitoring tool offers a cloud-based multi-vendor supporting and scalable real-time network monitoring solution which monitors the network 24x7 and helps reduce network outages. High availability mechanisms used for Network Monitoring help monitor your network without interruptions.


There are several global products for Network Monitoring Systems with different features, including performance insights of every network interface and device and the hierarchy. Using performance metrics, it analyses the performance at the device and interface levels. Monitoring tools also identify threats well in advance, generate alerts, and avert downtimes.

Adit Microsys offers a range of Network Monitoring Systems globally recognized for performance excellence and suggest the best suitable solutions for your organization's functionalities.

What is Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is a critical IT process that tracks network components and endpoints and provides performance, fault, and traffic monitoring. Network and App Monitoring involves:

  • Monitoring critical network issues.
  • Providing fault detection.
  • Health monitoring of network elements from the device level to the interface levels and protocol levels.

Network monitoring systems offer tools that track network operations. It is critical to monitor bandwidth utilization, traffic, and other metrics using performance counters. Further, examining the health and performance of network interfaces for their faults helps manage various network resources, both on-site and remote. 

“Resolve Network Issue Faster”

Network monitoring helps IT admins reduce the meantime to repair (MTTR) to solve real-time network performance issues with instant alerting and data in the form of tables, charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports.