Establish stronger trust with your customer with multifactor authentication security


As cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, traditional security methods such as username and password are considered inadequate safeguards against unauthorized access.

Adit Microsys offers range of smart multi-factor authentication (MFA) security technology that requires at least two authentication methods from different types of credentials to verify a user's identity to login or other transaction. Currently, almost 60 percent of businesses worldwide are using some form of multi-factor ensuring the user authentication. 

Key features of different Multifactor Authentication 

  • Knowledge based authentication - a PIN, password, or the answer to a security question
  • Possession authentication - a one-time password (OTP), token, trusted device, smart card, or badge
  • Personalized authentication: biometric verification using a voiceprint, fingerprint, handwriting, or iris pattern, etc.

Connect with Adit Microsys Experts to find out the best multifactor authentication security solution suitable for your business that can help you keeping the fraud issues at bay with stronger security.