A secure home to store Millions of
Business Data ensuring its availability 24x7


The set-up of your data center is incomplete without a smart Data Storage Facility. We understand how important it is to store all your business data a click away yet safe. As data volumes at the enterprise level are growing exponentially storage at Data-centre plays a vital role and we are experts in how can organizations effectively store it all?

Adit Microsys offers a range of smart and trusted storage facilities for your data center. We are one of the trusted partners with global brands offering the solution from HPE, Dell, Netapp, Qnap, etc. WE offer a wide range of data storage facilities such as solid-state drivers (SSDs), cloud storage, software-defined storage, etc. apart from the traditional data center storage technologies like direct-attached storage, network-attached storage, and storage area network as well.

Why Storage from Adit Microsys?


Experts Advice

We understand how important it is to select the right storage and precisely install it. Our team of experts helps you get the right product for your challenge area at your data center.


One-stop Solution

We are a one-stop solution provider for your Data-Centre requirements offering the best of the range in a package solution.



Our team of expert professionals is the best advisor to guide you for your Data-centre need for a server with a minimal, cost-effective yet smart approach.



We provide accountable and optimistic pre and post-sales customer service to our clients with unique solutions and a quality approach.



We understand the value of time and deadlines. Our team has expertise in delivering the products and services on time when you need them most. We practice a quick, independent, and decisive approach in an organization.



We are a trusted partner with many global brands and we deliver highly reliable and genuine products that provide a premium value to our customers.