Sandboxing Ensure Data-Center
Security while you are testing different variables


When Organizations grow rapidly, they practice constant change and up-gradation in older applications and systems functional with Data-Center. Sandboxing is a solution that allowed you to test run the new programs and applications using isolation code to ensure a safe environment from threats. Using a sandbox, you can shield the rest of your network from the negative effects of anything operating within the sandboxed environment.

Adit Microsys offers a wide range of Sandbox security solutions including Network Sandboxing solutions for your data-center offering Cloud-based implementation, a dedicated appliance onsite, Software bundles, and a web browser extension for threat emulation.

Secure your Data-centre using Sandboxing with several benefits like creating and deploying an environment, being prepared for future attacks, gaining access to advanced networking support, enhancing collaboration and also saving the money

Basic Features of Sandboxing Environment


Emulation of a desktop or mobile device. The process requires to have the access to the same resources as the code being analyzed including Memory, storage, and CPU to test run the application.


Emulation of the operating system is performed using a virtual machine and thus it is mandatory that the application have the access to the operating system. Though the sandbox is isolated from the underlying physical hardware, it remains accessible with the installed operating system using a virtual machine.


A sandboxing is practiced over a virtual environment using virtual machines usually to restrict access to physical resources and simultaneously manage access to virtualized hardware.