“Centralize Managing all the Devices in your Business Network”

The organization's IT management needs to work around the clock to secure and maintain servers, computers, smartphones, tablets, iPods, IoT devices, virtual machines, and more devices associated with the business network. Adit Microsys offers the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that helps organizations centralize the management of servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones from a unified console.


Unified endpoint management is considered evolution and combination of enterprise mobility management (EMM), mobile device management (MDM), and client management. 

UEM automates regular endpoint management routines such as deploying software, installing patches, imaging and deploying OS. In addition, it also offers additional features like managing assets & software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics, managing USB device usage, taking control of remote desktops, and more.

Features for Desktop Management for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Patch Management to shield machines from security threats
  • Simplify the software distribution process to install and uninstall with built-in templates for package creation.
  • Remote Desktop Sharing for troubleshooting and multiuser collaboration 
  • IT Asset Management with Software Metering, Software License Management, etc.
  • Desktop Configurations include Power Management, USB Device Management, Security Policies, etc.
  • Service Pack Installation of OS and Applications to stay up-to-date.
  • Active Directory Reports give an insight into the Active Directory infrastructure.
  • User-Defined Administration with selective privilege for effective management
  • OS Deployment in both offline and online modes.
  • Power Saving and Management by applying power schemes, shutting down the inactive computers, and getting system uptime reports.
  • Start managing your desktops and servers using Mobile App for Android & iOS devices.

Features of Mobile Device Management 

  • Manually enrol the Device with two-factor authentication. 
  • App Management of in-house and store apps removing and disabling the block listed app, assigning redemption codes, and more
  • Profile Management creating and configuring policies for different departments/roles in association with relevant group
  • Asset Management by scanning to fetch the details of apps installed, enforced restrictions, installed certificates, and device hardware details.
  • Security Management by configuring stringent security policies using a passcode, device lock to prevent a security breach
  • Audit the mobile devices with out-of-the-box reports such as Rooted Devices, Devices with Blacklist Apps, etc.

Connect with Adit Microsys Experts to learn how unified Endpoint Management can help your organization by centralizing the monitoring of multiple network devices associated with your business operations and enhancing security.