is a highly standardized and holistic psychometric assessment test. 3SAQ is an assessment of cognitive abilities, behavioural skills, and integrity. This test has been helpful to various organisations and educational institutes in multiple ways.

For Corporates

Recruitment based assessment- 3SAQ has been able to act as catalyst to various organisation in their recruitment processes by assessment of skills required for various roles. 3SAQ also supports with understanding level of fitment into various roles in the hierarchy ranging from blue collared workforce to leadership level by assessment of cognitive abilities, behavioural skills, and integrity.

Learning and Development based Assessment- 3SAQ has been able to help organisations in various manufacturing and service sector organisations in identifying learning and development needs. Assessment of cognitive abilities, behavioural skills, and integrity has helped organisation to identify the skill gap among their employees. This has been effective in upskilling their employees and hence improving their performance.

For Educational Institutes and Training Organisations

Selection of students- 3SAQ has been effective in filtering the right candidates for various courses. While technical knowledge is important, right behavioural skills, cognitive abilities, and integrity are significantly required to excel at any job role or course. This will help ensure that the candidates selected have the right skills and attitude for performance at the course and career.

Development of Students- Organisations in various sectors demand for right behavioural skills and high ethical values. 3SAQ can help institutes identify gaps where students needs development in areas besides technical knowledge. This will increase their employability index and future careers.