As a Oracle partner, Adit Microsys is in a strong and unique position to provide licenses and offers related to Oracle products and solutions for its clients. We are empowered with exceptional resources to distinguish Oracle offerings from the competition, and hence deliver increased returns on investments.

Our position as a database specialized partner helps us to differentiate ourselves through expertise in leading Oracle IT solutions. We are preferred by customers who seek for value-added solutions for their business.

Being an Oracle Gold partner, Adit Microsys is a trusted reseller of Oracle products and services. Our exceptional database management licensing options and offers related to Oracle has helped our clients to save on their resources consistently. When it comes to buying a software license, our team of expert software professionals are well aware of which type of license should be bought by your organization based on the nature of activity and operations of your business.

Adit Microsys understands that organizations have a tough time to go through the extensive licensing procedure which is also sometimes, a time consuming process. In such a scenario, we play an influential role when it comes to choosing software licensing options.


Additionally, being a Oracle Gold Certified Partner and having specialisation in security and public sector, we deliver exhaustive range of services for database, middleware and other enterprise options for database like advanced security, advanced compression, Real Application Cluster (RAC) for the benefit of our clients. Before initiating any project with the required software, we always ensure the software is completely compatible with the client's existing system and requirements. We also make sure that the software will allow upgrades when required owing to the evolving client needs.

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