Saralkharidi Ordering App If you have a set of standard items (SKUs)

which are ordered on you by many customers, managing the orders can be a time-consuming task.
Introducing, a platform for retail sellers and buyers to easily manage the ordering process.

Businesses who deal in large number of products and process many orders every day incur high cost of order booking due to an unorganized order booking process. Customers place orders on phone, by e-mail, by WhatsApp which requires high clerical effort and cost to manage order booking.

Saralkharidi changes the way you book orders. Saralkharidi streamlines your order booking process with a mobile app platform for Android and iOS smart phones. Business can create a “retail store” on saralkharidi and load all items and prices. Customers use saralkharidi app to select your store and place order for items desired.

As a store owner, you receive intimations on all orders booked. When you fulfil the order, either by delivering or customer collecting the ordered items, you still retain the transaction history of all orders from each customer. A very simple concept yet provides you instant returns.

Advantages of saralkharidi app:

  • No large investment in e-commerce app. Just one annual subscription to get started for basic services
  • Consumer can now place order on you with a mobile app
  • Instead of receiving orders on phone or whatsapp, now you can see orders received on your mobile screen in an organized manner
  • If you deliver, send for delivery. If you do not deliver, from saralkharidi app, notify customer that order is ready for pickup
  • Consumer will make payment to you directly. Saralkharidi does not take any charge or commission from you or from consumer
  • When consumer comes for collection, since order is packed and ready and bill amount is known, she can pay and collect goods in a very short time. So, time is saved for all and safety is better. No more queues.
  • You can float your own promo offers to consumers
  • Once your store is online, more customers may be able to reach you


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