Keep your business “Network” confidential and safe

In today's time, a network disaster can cost enormous losses for any Business.
It's critically important for organizations to have a robust network configuration management system.


Compliance violations, faulty configuration changes, and configuration conflicts are among the most common causes of network disasters. Such mishaps can be prevented or reverted with enhanced visibility into their network and control over the change workflow using Network Configuration Monitoring.

At Adit, we offer the best solutions for Network configuration management (NCM), which functions as a continuous process of overseeing the setup and maintenance of all network devices and the software and firmware installed.

NCM makes your network disaster-proof

When you have the Network Configuration Monitory System in place, and something goes wrong, and the network demands repair, upgradation, or changes, the network admin will look into the database for the necessary information to choose the best course of action to recover. The database stores the location and IP address of all the hardware devices, in addition to data pertaining to programs, updates, versions, and default settings.

You can make your network disaster-proof by using Network Configuration Managers for user activity tracking, change management, and configuration backup. Connect with the Adit Microsys team to learn how it helps manage configurations, change, and compliance using the network configuration management software called Network Configuration Manager.

Automated Network Configuration Change Management (NCCM)
How it works 

Network Configuration Management Solution is a multi-vendor network change, configuration, and compliance management (NCCM) solution for network devices like routers, switches, firewalls, etc. Network configuration management (NCM) helps automate and take total control of the entire life cycle of device configuration management. Also known as a network change monitoring tool, it offers real-time configuration change detection. NCM identifies potential firmware security vulnerabilities in the network devices and takes action. Network Configuration Manager acts like a firmware vulnerability scanner. 

The configuration change management options in Network Configuration Manager help prevent and recover from network disasters caused by configuration changes. With options to configure role-based access, backup devices, compare configurations, track user activity, and quickly restore devices to trusted configuration versions, you can control your network's change workflow. 

NCM Enterprise Edition 

Large Organizations can choose the enterprise edition, which is built to meet the requirements of large organizations by improving scalability and establishing central control over multiple devices in different locations. You can centrally manage the set configurations, execute configlets and schedule various configuration operations overall individual probes in multiple locations.