Mobile Application and Backend Management for School Transportation Services

Yogi Edutransit Pvt. Ltd. provides transportation services to students of colleges and schools, cab services, city bus services and many more. Our client has wide experience in the areas of transportation business. Their services and core values towards the business are up to the mark. Currently, our client wanted to focus on the student transportation service and website revamping module.

The major roadblock to their business was that the entire student registration to fees management everything was executed offline. This created much confusion and client suffered due to the mismanagement of data.

Adit Microsys studied their requirements and gave the proposal for website and admin revamping with Core PHP technology. We also proposed to develop the mobile application for different roles like students, driver and a supervisor.

We carefully jotted down the client’s requirements and proposed an idea to revamp the website where the end-users can know about them and their services with interactive functionality of student registration and fees payment as well. In addition to this, they can avail the necessary information about the organization. We also suggested to customize the existing admin panel as per their requirements, this helped us to save the time and client’s budget was also managed on the other hand as it reduced the men efforts.

Mobile Application for three different roles i.e. Student, Driver and Supervisor was suggested by us. This covered the entire feature from Student Registration to Fees Collection – online and offline both and marking the attendance. Master management and Fees Management were customized as per admin requirements. The users now could generate the pass & receipt and download the same.