Project for Enterprise Mobility – Mobile Device Management Solution for one of India's largest Gas distribution company

Our customer is headquartered in western part of India one of the largest city gas distribution player in India, operating in multiple states.  The company has large customer base in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial segments.

The company has over 20,000 km of gas pipeline network, over 300 CNG stations and provides close to 5.0 mmscmd of Natural Gas to over a million households, serves nearly 200,000 vehicles and over 3000 industrial customers every day.

The company’s datacenter has over 300 servers, network components, storage devices and a lot more. Over 100 branches are connected and managed through this datacenter.  Company has implemented BYOD policy to access company’s emails and confidential information.

BYOD created problem of e-mail and application security.  Many applications could not be rolled out unless made available on app / play store and resulted in large delays in roll out.  IT administration was overburdened with help requests for installation on individual mobile devices.  The net result was huge roadblocks to process of Digital Business Transformation.

Adit Microsys implemented “Mobile Device Management Solution” and helped customer achieve a flexible BYOD environment and yet created a secure and productive framework for e-mails and applications usage.

We approached this company to look for a suitable mobile device management solution. It team wanted a solution that would provide several important features, including:

  • Support for all mobile operating systems and devices.
  • Support for mobile containerization.
  • Full-fledged application management.
  • Data wipe out functionality

With Mobile Device Manager Plus, IT team were able to create an application repository comprised of all the apps rolled out by application team for faster enterprise application management. They no longer have to manually select each device to initiate app installations either; they can simply add specific devices to groups and push apps to an entire group at once.

As the needs of their customers evolve, Application team wants their applications to evolve along with them, which is why they're constantly updating their enterprise apps with new features and bug fixes. Now they can upload the app updates to the Mobile Device Manager Plus console and push them straight to a device or group of devices without any user intervention.

Client has also been able to provide secure access to business email for all their employees. Using containerization, they can prevent unauthorized apps from accessing email data; for example, end users can no longer copy and paste information from corporate emails into personal accounts. End users also now have a way to securely view corporate email attachments. With conditional Exchange access (CEA), Mobile Device Manager Plus delivers complete security for corporate emails by preventing unauthorized devices from accessing the corporate Exchange server.