Enterprise data is an invaluable asset and having a fail-proof backup and quick recovery mechanism is extremely crucial. Therefore, Adit Microsys has developed core expertise to help you keep your data safe with a highly flexible and proficient backup and recovery service your business can count on.

Why Adit Microsys for your Enterprise Backup and Storage services?

  • Cost efficient storage management and performance while keeping your existing Infrastructure in consideration.
  • Access to data and information management tools such as Simpana by CommVault.
  • Remote, Hybrid and cross platform solutions.
  • Enhance your operations, alleviate risks and reduce the overall operational costs related to data management in the enterprise.
  • Full range of network attached storage devices provided by EMC, QNAP, NetApp, and NETGEAR etc. for large, small and medium businesses.
  • We can also offer products to accommodate fast and flexible recovery of your virtualized data and application and backups for your virtual environment.
  • Expertise and support helps to keep your crucial business data safe.
  • Adit Microsys offers wide range of backup software to backup data from desktops/laptops, servers and also from virtual machines.
  • Adit Microsys has a team of certified engineers to help design, implement and support most optimized solutions to fit your environment.

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