Compliance and Security, both very complex and demanding subjects for IT teams.

Servers, routers, firewalls, switches, IPS, IDS, web servers, databases – all generate event logs and store for a limited period. However, if organization wants to gain deep insight on what is happening at each of these devices or applications, these logs need to be stored efficiently and analyzed in real time. The log volume is massive, and it is impossible to manually try and detect, for example, policy violations, data theft, internal or external security threats.One of the most frustrating aspects for top management and IT team is endless demand for increasing bandwidth for internet access. Analyzing event logs can help understand how network traffic flows and which applications hog bandwidth. Analysis of flow data helps get real-time insight into bandwidth usage with reports such as Traffic by Applications, Conversations, Destinations by Host IP, Traffic Sources by IP address, Traffic Receivers by IP and more.

Adit Microsys has the required expertise to provide you best fit Log and Flow Analytics products. Our Log and Flow Analysis solutions help you:

  • Capture flow data to monitor network traffic from network devices supporting NetFlow v5 and v9, sFlow, jFlow and IPFIX
  • Detect suspicious activity and Mitigate security threats
  • Analyze machine data to identify trends and unleash undiscovered insights
  • Analyze the aggregated logs of different formats from a single platform
  • Dig deep into security data to investigate incidents for remediation
  • Monitor and alert on registry, file, and folder activity to detect suspicious and malicious behavior
  • Satisfy compliance requirements with proactive log management
  • Perform thorough network traffic analysis in real-time
  • Monitor bandwidth use by user, application, and protocol
  • Analyze network traffic patterns over months to minutes
  • Customize network traffic reports in just a few clicks

We at Adit Microsys take pride in our skills, experience and commitment to help you meet your Log and Flow Analysis requirements. Contact us today to help you with your Log and Flow requirements, and stay secure and compliant.

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