Network and Data Security are the biggest concerns of organizations worldwide. Whether your critical data resides on premise, or on cloud, you need comprehensive security solutions to protect your data and to ensure network availability. Adit Microsys is the vendor of choice for security solutions for customers of all sizes - enterprise or MSME.

Why Adit Microsys to protect your cloud?

  • Adit Microsys provides an entire range of products for infrastructure security. Secure your data with our advanced solutions for Advanced Email Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention and Endpoint protection.
  • Data Loss Prevention solutions ensure that organization does not lose any critical data due to intentional or inadvertent actos of employees sending out data outside company’s network. DLP solution is used for detecting/monitoring data loss at endpoint, cloud or at network level.
  • Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security through additional factor of verification. the traditional username and password (single factor) security can be easily hacked. Adding a token (for e.g. OTP) strengthens access security.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are used for administering mobile devices by segregating personal and corporate data (MobileIron, Air Watch, Kaspersky and IBM MaaS360).
  • Encryption is used for securing data when it is in transit or at rest. We have solutions for encryption for Full Disk, Folders or Files.
  • Phishing and Ransomware attacks are regular and they take place via email, requiring enhanced email security solutions. Adit Microsys offers wide range of email security solutions from well-known vendors such as Symantec, Kaspersky, ForcePoint and Barracuda.
    • Adit Microsys offers an email archival solution for archival, backup and anti-spam for emails
    • Mobile application security
    • Mobile device management to simplify enterprise mobility (Air Watch and Kaspersky)
    • Encryption for secure cryptography

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