Document Management System (DMS) Software

At Adit Microsys, we understand the critical role that effective document management plays in today's fast-paced business environment.

Our SIMPLE and COST-EFFECTIVE Document Management System (DMS) Software is designed to help MSME organizations streamline document-related processes, improve productivity, enhance data security, and enable seamless collaboration.


A Document Management System (DMS) is a software solution that will help your organization efficiently handle the creation, organization, storage, retrieval, and sharing of your digital documents. It provides a centralized platform for managing your electronic files, streamlining workflows, and improving your productivity.

By transitioning from physical paper documents to a digital approach, businesses can save time, resources, and office space while ensuring your document security and integrity.

A DMS typically includes features for document creation, organization, metadata indexing, version control, and facilitates easy searching and retrieval of documents.

Key features include:

  • Location Friendly Document Repository
  • Document Approval Workflows
  • Audit Trail and Compliance
  • Version Control & Obsolete

Why Choose Adit Microsys for DMS Software?

  • Designed for Simplicity: DMS is a crowded market, but no one has designed software with the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) concept. If you want a DMS software to get started quickly, extremely affordable, and easily understood and accepted by end-users, talk to us.
  • Effortless Document Upload: Our DMS software simplifies the process of capturing documents, whether they are physical or digital. Easily upload files into a centralized repository.
  • Robust Document Organization: Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered files. Our DMS allows you to categorize, tag, and index documents for quick and intuitive retrieval.
  • Search Functionality: Find what you need when you need it. Our search tool makes it a breeze to locate documents, even within extensive archives.
  • Version Control: Maintain a complete version history to help access the latest revised documents and avoid confusion over “which is the right document”.
  • Data Security: Protect sensitive information with user-level permissions and audit trails.
  • Workflow: Streamline your processes with simple approval workflows. Assign tasks, set reminders, and ensure documents move efficiently through your organization.
  • Compliance Ready: Ensure regulatory compliance with document retention policies and easy access to historical records during audits.

At Adit Microsys, we are committed to simplifying the way you manage documents, reduce operational costs, and improve overall productivity. Our DMS software is the solution you need to unlock the full potential of your organization's document assets.

Ready to take control of your documents? Contact us today for a personalized demonstration of how Adit Microsys DMS Software can transform your document management processes.