Software development Firm Scales Up with Windows Virtual Desktop

Our client is a reputed software development Firm in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with a subsidiary in the United States. Our client is focused on providing solutions in the financial services sector with products for investment managers from private banks, wealth managers, RIAs, Portfolio Managers, Separately Managed Account Providers, Alternative Investment Fund managers and custodians. Their team works primarily in Microsoft Visual Studio (.net) platform with MS SQL Server database.

Use of high configuration desktops became a roadblock in March 2020, when their employees began working from home. Employee productivity suffered due to infrastructure challenges.

Adit Microsys recommended migrating them to use Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and built a collaborative workspace in the cloud. Client has successfully migrated to this platform and is extremely happy with a stable, high-performance, and hassle-free virtual environment on Azure cloud.

We suggested to our client to migrate to Azure WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop). Client requested for a quick Proof-of-Concept, which we were happy to carry out and demonstrated the ease and effectiveness of Azure WVD setup. We then migrated the entire user base of our client to Azure WVD on Azure cloud. By implementing WVD on a multiuser desktop OS, administrators can eliminate the cost of licenses of both the Windows Server and the client access (CAL) required to run that desktop.

Azure WVD improved upon the earlier on-premises solution by providing higher availability, faster disaster recovery, and security capabilities like encryption all the way down to the kernel. Data centralization was achieved using azure File Services and access was well defined using group policies.

While our client operations are now ready to return to a hybrid environment of work-from office and WFH, their satisfaction level with Azure WVD is very high and they will continue working with this modern IT Infra setup.